Surveillance Spy equipment

Use of spy equipment

Our spy equipment is meant for investigations within your own house or work premises. Please check with your local legalities before conducting any investigations yourself. Grey Investigators take no responsibility for your actions or any illegal activities conducted with any of the products listed. These products are sold so that you can monitor your own property or assets for security purposes only. This is not always possible. if you have a professional problem you wish us to assist with, please see below.

Here are a few of our services.

Covert Surveillance

Our team can monitor the movements while obtaining photographic evidence of any persons activities

Vehicle Tracking

Our military grade units are covertly fitted to any vehicle to gather the locations our target is visiting

Trace Searching

We are able to locate an individual who has gone missing or is avoiding debts

All Other Services

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We are very strict about the collection and use of your details. Please see below information about the data protections act 1988

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