Co-habitation Investigations

Our co-habitation investigations.

Grey Investigators has a truly vast experience in co-habitation investigations. If you have suspicions of fraudulent cohabitation, subletting and also illegal over occupancy. We will surely gather this evidence. We also provide a written report with imagery. This is furthermore, admissible in a court of law.

Why we conduct co-habitation investigations.

Generally it is important to above all realise the importance of Co-habitation investigations.

These cases in particular can surely decide the outcome of first financial settlement cases and second child custody cases.

There are of course many other purposes for co-habitation investigations of which we can consequently assist with.

A judge will of course require evidence of cohabitation, as a result we are tasked with gathering this evidence.

It is certainly always better to catch fraud such as cohabitation early, therefore we aim to act fast once we have been specifically assigned to a task.

Be it your ex-husband or ex-wife cohabiting our investigations always take a number of sessions.

This is because a judge needs to see the occupants residing at the address over time.

Because of this we conduct our investigations over a certain amount of weeks.

Co-habitation Investigations Surveillance Private Investigation Private Investigators Surveillance Covert Operations Subletting Investigators
Co-habitation Investigations Surveillance Private Investigation Private Investigators Surveillance Covert Operations Subletting Investigators

How we conduct co-habitation investigations.

Upon receiving instructions, we immediately commence planning. Following thorough planning, we conduct your investigation, utilizing our plan as a guiding framework.

Concurrently, we meticulously log all activities. Subsequently, we document and compile the investigation into legal documents.

Each document includes imagery, descriptions, and explanations of the events. This comprehensive documentation builds a compelling pattern of life that courts cannot ignore.

Our proficient team can demonstrate residence over any timeframe. However, for optimal presentation to the courts, we recommend a minimum of three to five full days spread across several weeks to establish consistency.

We select these days at random before starting any investigation.

To ensure optimal results, we typically request as much detail as possible from our clients.

Moreover, our services maintain utmost confidentiality.

Overall, our clients, including private individuals and solicitors across the UK, express satisfaction with the professionalism and results achieved.


I contacted Grey Investigators because I was worried for my Daughters safety. I thought her Father was hurting her but the team at Grey Investigators got photographs of his new girlfriend being abusive. I’d like to thank all the team. My Daughter is now safe and the courts have given me full custody.

 – Amisha

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