Private Investigation Services

At Grey Investigators, we provide a wide variety of private investigation services, assisting you uniquely in all aspects of your investigation. We are highly adaptable and if a service you require isn’t specifically listed we are still able to help.

Grey Investigators has numerous years of operating experience and over the years we have gained the name the ‘Grey Men’. In other words, multiple investigation companies recognise our expertise.  Our clients have also realised our competence, experience, reliability and accomplishments and as a result, have placed us at the head of our field.  All of our services are conducted in the most professional manner providing you with complete discretion! Equally our reliability is second to none.

As well as being highly experienced, our agents are also specifically trained. In order to conduct tasks with attention to detail our operatives are thoroughly vetted. Therefore with this in mind we ensure the most accurate, professional and above all the greatest quality results possible.

Our Private Investigation Services

Matrimonial Investigation

For infidelity suspicions in a relationship or during divorce proceedings

Corporate Investigation

Investigate fraudulent or illegal activities within your company

Vehicle Tracking

Small GPS tracking devices can be placed on a vehicle for monitoring

Tracing Missing Persons

Find customers who have moved or failed to pay debts

Background Checks

Discover someones past to help inform your decision making

Legal Documentation

Served in accordance with the Information Commissioners Office

Undercover Investigation

Undercover operatives to investigate your company at your direction & discretion


Fraudulent cohabitation, subletting or illegal over occupancy investigation

Fraudulent Insurance

Fraudulent and dishonest insurance claims for companies

Counter Surveillance

We detect and prevent unlawful and unwanted monitoring or stalking

Covert Surveillance

Discreet surveillance for personal and corporate claim investigations

Child Misconduct

We investigate child neglect or endangerment to ensure child safety

International Investigation

We can travel all over the world to complete your investigations

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Our success

Since we  established in 2013, we have frequently solved numerous private investigation cases with a 99% success rate.

This is of course due to our operatives being individually hand picked for their various skillsets to suit every situation.

We are able to provide both male and female investigators. Each of which dedicate their time and wide variety of knowledge, skills and techniques to ultimately finding your desired answers.

No matter what the case may be their unquestionable commitment is why we generally generate perfect results.

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Be careful!

There are numerous companies that do not deliver the same professionalism. These companies also lack expertise or effort which coincidentally, significantly effect the ability to get results.

Have had a notably bad experience with these “Cowboy Companies” and are therefore especially unhappy with the work provided? Regardless of previous failures and despite any damage done, we are able to repair negligence.

We are always happy to help. At Grey Investigators, we certainly care that you receive the best standards of work!

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We are always here to help and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us to discuss your unique options.

Our notably friendly and understanding team members are certainly always here to help.

For further information or if you have any questions about any of our private investigation services, feel free to contact us.

 Please write as much information as possible in your message. If we don’t know why your contacting us, we cant advise on the best action to take.

We take the security of our client’s data very seriously. We will never share any data without your consent and we will never ask to share any of our client’s information with third party companies. Please feel free to ask within or visit our privacy policy page to view our full policy.

We are fully registered with the Information commissioner’s office (ICO)

Reference Number: ZA788159

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