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Grey Investigators Prices Below

We are able to customise packages to particularly suit your needs.

 Grey Investigators Prices Below

Surveillance investigationClose covert observations of a person, place or object either on foot or in a vehicle. The practice of watching a subject in order to document and identify any of the contact, interactions or whereabouts of the subject.

£50.00 per hour, per operative,

Plus expenses (5hr min)

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Tracking DeviceA device placed onto an individual’s vehicle to obtain the destinations visited throughout the investigation.

£400.00 per week

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Address ConfirmationTo confirm if an individual is present or residing at a stated address/location.

£100.00 per knock

(3 Visits)

Drive pastA drive past of a location to confirm the presence of vehicles or activity inside an address/location.


Plus travel expenses

 Our surveillance services can be used for a wide array of purposes. Our agents can obtains video/photographic evidence of any wrong doings an individual undertakes within a stated time period. Written information and imagery is then compiled into a full report which will hold up in a court of law. for purposes such as business theft, false sick leave, co-habitation, adultery, child custody cases.

Grey Investigators Prices Below

 For each trace/check a name and DOB should be provided.

Address TracesA trace on an individual to specifically obtain an address. Dependant on Information provided and databases consulted.£150.00-£300.00
Background checkA full search to obtain specific information for a particular individual. This could be used for business purposes such as finding a person’s education details or any previous business ventures.£1,050.00
Desktop open source researchA search for an individual without searching through all the databases (an internet trace through certain news and social media sites without the costs of larger databases).£70.00

 Our checks can be used for a variety of purposes, from finding an address to send documents to finding information which you may need for personal, business or legal purposes.

Grey Investigators prices legal document

Grey Investigators Prices Below

Each of our documents will ultimately hold up in a court of law.

Process ServingThe delivery of a legal document to a certain individual involved in a court case. In the event the individual claims to not receive the document we also obtain proof of delivery.£130.00
Locus Report’sA full report of the area a traffic collision has previously happened. This report contains pictures and drawings as well as written statements.£150.00
Witness statement’sA document recording the evidence of a persons observations or declaration. This document is signed by that person to claim for legal purposes that the contents of the statement are true.£150.00

We are able to adapt our documentation to any template. Therefore any specific templates our clients explicitly require, we are able to accommodate.

investigators prices

We take the security of our client’s data very seriously. We will never share any data without your consent and we will never ask to share any of our client’s information with third party companies. Please feel free to ask within or visit our privacy policy page to view our full policy.

We are fully registered with the Information commissioner’s office (ICO)

Reference Number: ZA788159

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