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Why run a corporate investigation​

So, your thinking of corporate investigation? It is always extremely difficult to think that someone you trust could betray you. Nevertheless, roughly £190m a year is indeed lost through Fraud in the UK. As a matter of fact, around 40% of that figure is specifically stolen by staff members.

If you are on this page reading about corporate investigation, you have reason to suspect someone. These individuals may of course be in your immediate or distant workforce. For instance, are you suspicions of moonlighting, absenteeism, malingering, repetitive sickness or falsely claiming injury?

Our corporate investigation certainly will help. In addition, compensation can certainly be gained and our expert team will provide all the evidence required. As a result we will also ultimately and furthermore prove any fraudulent or illegal activities which may be frequently occurring within a specific company.

corporate investigation

Why choose our corporate investigation team?

Dive into the realm of corporate investigation with Grey Investigators, where our adept specialists possess an extensive understanding of unraveling employment fraud and contract breaches. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation, and together, we’ll chart the ideal course forward for your business.

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We have 12 office bases around the UK and Ireland allowing us full coverage of the nation.

False Sick Leave Corporate Investigation

At Grey Investigators, we understand the detrimental effects of staff absenteeism on your business. Beyond the immediate costs of hiring temporary replacements and the disruption of routines, absenteeism can create a ripple effect, demoralizing other employees and impacting overall productivity.

While the majority of your workforce is likely dedicated and trustworthy, there may be individuals who exploit the system by taking unwarranted time off. Whether through exaggerated claims of injury or feigned illness, these actions can undermine the integrity of your organization and erode morale.

In such cases, it’s imperative to conduct thorough investigations to uncover the truth. Our team of professional investigators specializes in uncovering fraudulent sick leave and injury claims, providing you with factual evidence to address the issue effectively.

By engaging our services, you gain access to a wealth of expertise and resources aimed at safeguarding your business interests. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate and actionable information, enabling you to make informed decisions and take appropriate action to mitigate any further misconduct.

Don’t let dishonest behavior go unchecked. Contact Grey Investigators today to put an end to fraudulent absenteeism and protect the integrity of your business.

Corporate Investigation - Fraud

Fraud, unfortunately, is a common occurrence across the UK, where individuals act deceitfully for personal gain or advantage. To address this issue legally and professionally, corporate fraud investigations are indispensable.

At Grey Investigators, our esteemed teams specialize in meticulously uncovering details of suspected fraud, identifying involved parties, and understanding the intricate mechanics of fraudulent activities. With our expertise, we strive to identify any lost assets taken from your company and facilitate their safe recovery, ensuring the protection of your assets.

We provide meticulously gathered evidence, establishing proof of loss and guilt, serving as a deterrent to potential fraudsters. Rest assured, all documentation provided by Grey Investigators is irrefutable and admissible in any court of law. Contact us today to safeguard your business interests and pursue justice against fraudulent activities.

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All our grey investigators have the highest levels of training from special forces backgrounds. 

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Our 12 offices around the UK and Ireland give us full coverage of the nation + we can travel oversees when necessary


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