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 The art of vehicle tracking is placing a small device on any vehicle. Be it a car, truck or motorcycle, we ascertain the locations the vehicle visits within a certain time period.  This is done via state of the art satellite GPS technology with top of the range tracking equipment. It’s simple to use and can gain many answers. Many people use this service to determine the activities of a specific individual. Furthermore this service is specifically carried out to determine the best time to conduct a full surveillance Investigation. Everything we conduct is above all legal regarding each service we provide.

 Fitting a Vehicle Tracking Device.


 A vehicle tracking device will be fitted uniquely in the most discreet way and can be installed in seconds. Our agents are especially quick and subtle and there are no requirments to take the vehicle to a garage. Our agents will also travel to a location of your choosing. The device can last for as long as you require. We will also provide a full and detailed report upon completion. This enables you to keep track of the vehicle at your leisure.

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