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Tracing Missing Persons


 People in Britain move house an average of eight times during their lives. Not everyone will keep you updated on this relocation. As a results there are millions of pounds lost annually, creditors are no longer able to contact clients or customers. Our teams tracing missing persons spend their time searching high and low to gather every piece of information required. Conducted in a number of ways, Grey Investigators regularly complete traces with massive success.

Grey Investigators can indeed locate individuals or businesses.

Our service to trace missing persons is extremely accurate with up to date information,  including contact details upon request. We will search any name for any purpose and certainly gather as much information as possible when conducting our traces. We are confident that our methods will find the stated individual and produce information required with the details provided.

Once your information has been obtained, our investigation team are able to attend the address. We do this to either contact the individual or confirm residency upon request via additional surveillance investigations.

People in debt often try to avoid payment. Our investigators will use their experience and dedication to find and deliver you the new location of the stated individual. Please contact us to hear our prices. Contact us for further information.


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