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  Fraudulent and dishonest claims are a major concern for the Insurance Industry and are extremely difficult to assess.  Fraudulent insurance claims will financially effect any company and we will certainly endeavour to determine the truth.

Whether the claim is for personal injury, household policies or general health incapacity. Grey Investigators will gather information to enable and ensure your organisations financial safety. we will also identify and furthermore provide evidence towards proving fraudulent claims.

Insurance fraud is any act committed to defraud an insurance process. Fraud occurs when a claimant attempts to obtain some benefit or advantage they aren’t entitled to. Also when an insurer knowingly denies some benefit that is otherwise due.

Fraudulent Insurance

What Our Fraudulent Insurance Claims Investigations Offer

As with all our esteemed services, Grey Investigators provides detailed, credible and accountable evidence which is specifically admissible in a court of law. Each piece of evidence supported with written reports. We provide time/date stamped photography along with video evidence of the claimant’s activity. Upon request we can also provide witness statements.

Grey Investigators will assist with a multitude of fraudulent insurance claims such as:

  • Road accident and vehicle repair claims.
  • Road accident and personal injury claims.
  • Employment injury claims.
  • General personal injury claims.
  • Health and medical claims.
  • Disability and restricted ability claims

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