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Grey Investigators was founded over 7 years ago by ex military personel who knew they could use their knowledge gained from overseas surveillance scinareos and adapting it for use in the investigation industry. With extensive armed forces experience our agents always gather the best intelligence. Training and experience being provided by only the most creditable regiments. Our elite specialists are trained by The Parachute Regiment, Marines, SAS, SBS and SRR. Its no wonder how we have become the most reliable company in britain.

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Common answers to questions you might have!

Investigation FAQ’s

Any questions that are left unanswered throughout these Investigation FAQS, our advice is free and our team is happy to help and provide information as well as a quote free of charge. Remember that with our quote there are no obligations!

Q. Investigation Costs?

A. Each case is unique meaning that the cost varies depending on the complexity or duration of the investigation required. We will therefore discuss pricing more accurately, once we have a thorough understanding of your precise needs and expectations. During a consultation, we aim to be above all, cost-effective and place packages together to suit your requirements . Please feel free to inquire about our price via email – contact@greyinvestigators.com

Q. when can you start?

A. We endeavor to start work on your case soon as you contact us and we have received your instructions, whether verbal or in writing.


Q. Why should I choose your company?

A. Investigators generally gain their experience working with larger companies around England, these large companies train the operatives in-house, when the operatives gain their experience and have gained their extensive and specialist skill set, the dedicated and best in their fields then leave the bigger companies to become freelance operatives. These agents are more experienced and confident in what they do.

Grey Investigators have become highly recognised as having the best operatives in the UK by hand selecting experienced agents and cutting out additional admin fee’s that big company charge to your bill. We have the investigators with the best experience, knowledge, techniques and skills. What makes Grey Investigators stand out among other companies is our ability to control, adapt and learn from each scenario. We combine the knowledge of all our investigators to provide you with the investigator whom will best blend into certain area’s. ( we are called ‘Grey Men’ for a reason, nobody ever see’s us! )

Q. How long does it take to get the results I want?

A. As fast as possible, we put a tactically and carefully constructed plan in place to obtain the information you require in the cheapest way possible. Our operatives are highly skilled and above all dedicated to providing you with the evidence you are looking for. We always try to make all our services cost-effective.

Investigation FAQ's

Investigation FAQ's

Q. How far can you travel to conduct my investigation?

A. Grey investigators are able to travel anywhere in the world to provide International Investigations at our clients discretion. We are primarily based in the UK, Our Main Office is in Bradford, West Yorkshire. While operating in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and the surrounding areas, we also have operating locations In Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London and Newcastle. This enable us to provide coverage throughout the whole of the UK as well as being a Globally recognised Investigation company.

Q. will my partner know about the investigations?

A. Nobody who you haven’t cleared with us to know about the investigation will ever find out about our investigations! We ensure complete confidentiality!

Q. I’d like a quote from you. What’s the best way to proceed?

A. Emailing us your query to contact@greyinvestigators.com or by filling in the contact box on our contact page, are the best way’s to proceed. You should ask any questions you may have by phoning us on 07540985580, call us day or night on the contact numbers provided.

Q. How can you ensure your 100% discretion?

A. Each of our operatives is bound by law to keep the utmost discretion, they all sign a ‘confidentiality agreement’ with Grey Investigators before any work can be undertaken.

Q. Are your prices able to compete with competitors prices?

A. Our prices are based on each individual case, we assess each case in hand and will strategically plan our movements making it as cheap as possible for you. You are always welcome to shop around and WE WILL BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTE! Our team is always on hand to advise you on certain companies who have proven themselves to be nearing the same level of expertise as ourselves. There are individuals out there who state they can charge less however, as the saying goes, ‘pay peanuts, get monkeys’.


BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL!! There are a lot of companies out there who state that they charge less however they will not deliver the same professionalism, expertise or effort into getting your results. If you have had a bad experience with these ‘Cowboy Companies’ and are unhappy with the work they have provided, we would be happy to and are able to repair any damage done by another company. Furthermore at Grey Investigators, we care that you receive the best standards of work!

Q. What product/evidence will I receive from your services?

A. The product and documentation we provide is completely adaptable to your case, meaning that if you have a specific requirement we are able to assist. Henceforth the product you receive is entirely up to yourself. Some of our clients prefer to just receive a report, however, there are packages available upon request. Our standard package includes a full written report with photographic evidence which will hold up in a court of law. We do provide (within our price) video evidence, which will also hold up in court. If you require we can produce a log and witness statements from each investigator involved in the investigation. If your case does go to court, our esteemed investigators, involved with your case, will all be able and willing to stand up in court providing witness statements.

Q. I have a question that is not answered by these Investigation FAQs?

A. Please contact us and we will endeavour to answer any other Investigation FAQ’s you may have.